Denny Carleton


    Denny Carleton

 Renowned Cleveland artistic treasure  and  internet radio icon,Denny Carleton paid his dues as a rock n roll child of the 60's, and today claims a vast musical repertoire that spans the decades.  Denny is an accomplished singer songwriter, with tremendous inspiration coming from his many other creative endeavors including author, playwright, radio personality, guitar teacher, educator, storyteller and concert organizer.

 In live performances, Denny excels as a captivating entertainer to audiences hungry for a musical escape; as a mesmerizing background complement to private conversations in public places; and as a praise and worship leader who possesses a lifetime of spiritual wisdom steeped in the Christian faith tradition.  

 We invite you to Experience Denny an upcoming event...through his recorded music, and radio archives. his guitar teaching books .and by delving into his living memoirs.

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