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Benefit To Stop Human Trafficing


 I will be playing solo and opening the show this Sunday Jan 13 at 4pm at a benefit to stop Human Trafficing. It will be at Prince of Peace  Church in Mentor.  Erin Bolyard Dan McCoy& the Standing 8's,Greg Simmons& Colleen O'Leary,Pieces of Eight and In Cahoots,will also perform.Cost of Admission is a donation. The music will go from about 4-6:30.Food will be available for a donation Attatched Is a PDF FILE  for more info about this righteous cause

Worship and Praise at the Rock Hall Of Fame




Saturday Dec 15 I played at an event at the Rock Hall of Fame where I led praise on a taped radio broadcast for the Holy Spirit Prayer Center led by Denise Calabreze. I have been a worship leader for a long time  and also a Cleveland Rock and Folk Musician for many years.For years these seemingly contradictorary forces in my life seemed to fit naturally for me, but may have been puzzling for others.

I had almost played at the Rock Hall before. I tried out once for a Woody Guthrie event.They were looking for singers to perform Woodie's songs and I tried out with Theresa a female singer .Around this time of the Woodie Guthrie show my Fathers Alzeimers was getting much worse and myself and my female partner didnt make it.

Then in the new millenium I was asked to come and play at the Pagans reunion, who I had played with in the beginning of Punk and New Wave.While in the band we had played on the same bill with the Rubber City Rebels, The Dead Boys with Stiv Bators,Piere Ubu and Devo.It was one thing to play with the Pagans in the 1970s when we were finding out where it was all going.It was another thing to play at a reunion after I had seen where it all went.

    So with that background I found myself playing as a praise and worship leader and ending with my original song Journey to the Manger, a prayer song asking God to help us to be like Jesus the Prince of Peace. I knew that I would rejoice in the irony of leading worship at the Rock Hall but what I didnt expect was the positive feeling I had towards all of the rockers who had gone before and had paved the way with their ground breaking creative music. As I was playing I started to realise how almost every bit of my repretoire and all of my musical bits, came from the founders especially the 1960s guys

      Playing at the Rock Hall was a Holistic experience for me where two huge elements that live inside of me fused with profound respect for one another. 

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I have been putting in some time in on my web site, hopefully making it easier to navigate , Check it out when you have the time.

Denny Carleton Great Scott

The Great Scott Tavern
Denny Carleton Solo - 8-11
Lakeshore Blvd
Euclid, Ohio Saturday Nov 10[map]
I’ll be playing solo at the Great Scott Tavern in Euclid from 8-11 on Saturday Nov 11..Its been a crazy month and a hallf playing at the Beachland 3 times for The Fred Grupe and Brian Sands tribute with a partial Moses Milk reunion and the Choir reunion which Im still celebrating. That combined with some new wonderfull musical engagenents at church services in Willoughy Wiclkiffe Mentor Twinsburg Brunswick and Oberlin and in Euclid at the Lady of Lourdes Shrine its been quite a month and a a half.
Besides all that the Lost Souls my first band from Euclid has been reissued as A CD put out by Lion Heeart Productions based in Chicago with a 32 page booklet . I’ll have a few on hand at my gig. They are 15 dollars .They are also available on my web site and at Bomp Records See you at the Great Scott .

Getting Back to Normal (Whatever that means)


The all consuming Choir Artifact reunion and show is done and now it’s time to go back to the rest of my life .Jim Randy and I practiced 2 times with Tonja and Lori,our female backup singers before the whole band with Kenny and Phil got back in town . I had to miss Sundays practice because I had a commitment to do a healing mass at my parish but we then practiced 6 hours a day from Monday to Thursday with a day off on Friday. Our sound check for Saturdays show was at 1230 to play at 945. As I said it was all consuming. 

  So this week starting today on Friday I did the youth church service at Matre Dei Acadamy and this afternoon I will go to Al Globekar studio to listen to the mix of the opening track of my new Americana sounding Cd produced by Al.i also am getting ready to let people know the Lost Souls,which was my first band ,have a CD out with a 32 page booklet .You can purchase it on my website in the store . 

Saturday I will do a solo acoustic gig at the Great Scott Tavern in Euclid . I do a combination of originals oldies and contemporary quirky Americana singer Also i will play twice at church on Sunday at the Presbyterian in the morning and the Catholic Charismatic’s in the evening .Monday I will finish off my Mass whic I composed and is approved by the United States Catholic Bishops .. I have lived this tightrope Narrow walk between church and rregular cool musi gigs for 50 years. I see them is a different but the same . I have a lot to be thankful for especially for my wife who I have to come home to and just do regular things like walk watch movies talk and relax 

Choir Artifact


Tomorrow and Sunday The Choir will perform our CD Artifact, at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. Looking forward  to playing our hearts out with my friends and brothers of the Choir(and Tonja and Lorri our background singers) ,for all  the great folks of Cleveland.

                                             Cleveland and the Choir Rocks!


New Design On Website

Denny Carleton Hilton Head


ill be playing April 25 today from 4-5 at Caretta Coffee 101 Pope Ave at Coligny Plaza  in Hilton Head. 

Choir Release

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