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To all my friends. Since 1965 I have been playing music with  good health.In Jan 2015 I went for a colonoscopy,and they found I had a 5 inch growth growing on my appendix and wrapped around my colon.The appendix was removed, the growth was benign and the colon was reconstructed. After a 5 week recovery I was told I had a severe 4 plus mitral valve problem and also two by passes, were needed.if they  got in and operated soon (like in a year)

There we would be no damage to the heart. A wise Cleveland Clinic surgeon performed the successful surgery on April 5 2016.I am grateful for those who knew of this situation for your prayers  and well wishes :I feel loved .For those who didn't know about my surgeries, I didn't want make it public since  I had No experience in these things and I didn't have it in me to answer a ton of questions, which I didn't understand. Also I felt the hand of Jesus and God the Father all the way, with guidance of the Holy Spirit. As it says in the scriptures he will never leave you or forsake and He was right there in so many ways I could write a  book about it. In about a month I'll be back following my calling in music , and I feel great.  Thanks again and God bless.


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