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Denny Carletons music explained in one paragraph

Denny Carleton's music explained in one paragraph

I (Denny Carleton) started playing and writing music in the 1960's which was e very different musical time than today.One of the albums that influenced me the most was the Beatles white album which explored many different genres of music. They did blackbird acoustic to helter skelter which was hard rock  to Mawelle silver hammer to child like songs like   obla di obla da. That made sense to me and i have nevr varied from that style in my own writing.But in todays marketing techniques you should go with a certain style of music capitalize on it by focusing on your target market that will like your specific style. So i have come to the conclusion that there may be some confusion about my many styles of music and text. My music is retro, singer songwriter acoustic,Christian, Catholic,theatrical, avante garde, satirical,classical,jazz and Brit pop So here is a Guide a musical GPS.These are all available on I Tunes and CD Baby except the mass of St Gabriel which is a free download with sheet music on this web site.

       1960s and 1970s

Retro---Cuts from the Lost Souls,the Choir and Moses and some Brit Pop

Hello Cleveland Cuts from the Lost Souls,the Choir and Moses and some Brit pop


Whiskey Island- Acoustic with rock and jazz and blues influenced

Between a rock and a hard place-Folk

Everything I want(money cant buy single)

         Brit pop

This is your life

My rust belt-single Denny with Randy Klawon



Beautifal Spring -Acoustic

I can see a rainbow-Acoustic Rock

Get Back to The garden-Acoustic with a Beat

Thank You for the day -Light rock

I want to be where Angels sing-Contemporay Christian with Randy Klawon


Living Saints -songs about saints

Mass of St Gabriel the guardian Angel

Psalms-responsoriel songs for mass

           Avante garde

   Color with crayons

   Think tank


Journey to the manger-single

Christmas comes once a year

Don't Forget about Jesus


The phantom Tollbooth

Way Out Cinderela 


Birthday -single

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