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Back To The Garden featuring Brandon Sinkovic

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Nice Article a few years ago about my Fine Arts Association in Willoughby Denny Carleton and Friends coffeehouseIn Cleveland Business Connects. click for article

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I have some new songs on Spotify and You Tube streaming...

  • Shadowlands- Valley Of Tears
  • If we seek your face will you heal this land-
  • Down on Neff Road
  • Searching For a simple love

Denny Carleton and Friends


Fine Arts Association 

Denny Carleton and the Elements John Hlavka , Ed Mills , Mike Fink, Jason Jenisek

Ritchie Ritch and the Rotaters
Al Globekar, Randy KLawon, Richard Anderson ,Dan Klawon, Norm Issac, Jim Bonfanti

Steve Mramor with Cathy Finegan Susan Gaydos and John Hlavka

Rich and Denny – Rich Harmon and Denny Carleton
Denny Carleton and Leah Beardslee

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On  You Tube my entire catalog of music is there plus special videos...just type Denny Carleton into You Tube to listen

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Love Love Love

Christmas excerpt from my book


Our first Christmas together, I decided to visit Brenda and stay at the Red Roof Inn which was close to her house.  She and her boys, Anthony and Casey, were going to church together that night on Christmas Eve. I didn't feel quite comfortable enough yet to join them.  This was the year of the George Bush – Barack Obama transition.  The stock and the housing market crashed, GM was going under and people seemed to be genuinely scared.  It was snowing outside and I had a bittersweet feeling in my heart as I looked out to see only two or three cars in the parking lot at the Red Roof Inn.

     I saw a young woman who seemed about nineteen years old and roughly eight and one-half months pregnant.  She was with a man wearing long hair; both a little scruffy.  They were really very grateful having found a room at the inn.  The whole scene had an unreal feeling about it.  I sensed the presence of angels and then I realized this was how it was with Joseph and Mary, except they didn’t get a room at the inn.  I thought to myself, Christmas/Christianity, over time, has been made into so many different things other than the humble beginning it really was.  Two young, and seemingly poor, people were looking for a place to stay at the inn.  This reminded me of a song I wrote for Christmas:


Don’t forget the presents

The wrapping and the bows

Don’t forget the eggnog

And the mistletoe


And don’t forget the star

That hangs upon the tree

And don’t forget your family

And don’t forget about Me


And don’t forget about Jesus

He’s the one from Galilee

He was born in a stable

But He died for you and me


Don’t forget about Jesus

There was no room at the Inn

And if we’re not careful

It could happen again



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