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In the past times I would write a song then play it for my friends and then  play it out either with a band or solo then wait a while till I had 12 songs and pu out CD.Now you write a song play it live someone tapes it and puts it on Facebook and you tube then you release it as a single make a home made video send it To CD baby then see how many downloads and streams you get on Spotify and I tunes    at times because I write a lot I'm not sure what I should do next.I could do this all day sending more music making videos etc. All of these projects does not include my book I have written or the 7 years of radio in would like to archive.I could use help but I do have faith in the Lord that there is a plan to all of music for me is a labor of love.its artistic's almost and I say almost to me a sacrament .I!m not complaining I'm beginning to blog 

Denny Carleton's Book Now Available At Libraries


Denny Carleton's Book Now Available At Libraries

 My book Welcome To My World  which is available on Amazon and Kindle is now available at the following libraries.

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County ,Mentor,Willoughby,Eastlake,Wickliffe, Twinsburg, Euclid

and Oberlin's Conservatory of Music.

Be thankful on Thanksgiving


Here is an excerpt from my book about being thankful

Steve, Sandy and I were asked to play at the Charismatic Conference. Speakers at the conference included Father Larry Richards and Mark Nemo, a wonderful speaker from Keyna who now resides in Chicago. Mark performed a skit that I will never forget. He brought three participants to the stage. Each was given a big balloon by the actor who was playing the part of God. One participant was afraid and sat on the balloon, another broke it in anger, but the third participant was grateful. He played with the balloon joyfully and began to throw it to others in the audience with complete abandonment and hillarious joy; the balloon was then thrown back to him. Of coure the balloon bounced in several weird ways which made it even more colorful. The message; use your gifts, be thankful and share.





I have written the parts for a mass, and St Gabriel in Concord Ohio is using it for all weekend masses until Advent. It's part of a year long celebration commemorating their 50th anniversary as a parish.What an honor.I originally had titled the music the Mass of The Guardian Angel, but they asked if it could be called Mass of St Gabriel. You can hear sound samples and a lead sheet of the Mass of St Gabriel on my website Click on the link mass of St Gabriel .It's a free download of the lead sheet and music and everyone has copyright permission to use it.

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Two New Singles and New CD On CD Baby


Two new singles and CD on CD BABY





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