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In the past times I would write a song then play it for my friends and then  play it out either with a band or solo then wait a while till I had 12 songs and pu out CD.Now you write a song play it live someone tapes it and puts it on Facebook and you tube then you release it as a single make a home made video send it To CD baby then see how many downloads and streams you get on Spotify and I tunes    at times because I write a lot I'm not sure what I should do next.I could do this all day sending more music making videos etc. All of these projects does not include my book I have written or the 7 years of radio in would like to archive.I could use help but I do have faith in the Lord that there is a plan to all of this.my music for me is a labor of love.its artistic expression.it's almost and I say almost to me a sacrament .I!m not complaining I'm beginning to blog 

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