Denny Carleton

Cuyahoga Community College Experience

Cuyahoga Community College Experience

"In 1987, I attended Cuyahoga Community College on a scholarship to become more qualified as a music teacher and to sharpen my skills in sight reading, arranging, classical, jazz, and music theory. Dolores White, whose husband was in the Cleveland Orchestra, was my teacher. During this time I was hired by the National Music Center, a branch of the college, to teach guitar and to do seminars such as songwriting and home recording.

In June of 1988 on the hottest day in the history of Cleveland (104 degrees), I put on a concert, coordinating with Gil Wingate. The show featured The Mice, Sittin Ducks, The French Lenards , Back Pages, Crazy Marvin, and the American Express (with former members of The Dazz Band). Around this time I began to coordinate rock shows for The College's Cultural Affairs Department, doing shows at the State Theatre in downtown Cleveland. They featured local celebarities such as Dick Feagler (a local journalist) or Robert Santelli (Rock Hall of Fame Education Department head) and live music. They would trace rock history of the 1950s or 60s while The Band would do music in spots in between narration (by the guest celebraties). As all of this occurred, pictures of rock stars were shown using slides on a large screen behind the band. The shows were always well received, very professsional and quite effective.

The Band consisted of Al Globakar (lead guitar), Dave Alexy (drums), myself, (bass), Phil Talbolt or Eric Robertson (lead vocals) and Ken Margolis (keyboards). In the 50's show, Norm Tischler would play sax. I helped with the script, consulted on what musicians to use and gave advice on the show in general. On our first show, we played with Robert Junior Lockwood and his band who did the Blues history segmnent, but later we switched to Marshall Baxter Beckley as our blues and jazz vocalist. We did about 15 of these shows using extra vocalists to perform Janis Joplin, The Surpremes , Marvin Gaye and Little Richard.

I worked at Cuhahoga Community College from 1987 to 1990, but played and helped coordinate the music history shows from 1987-1995."