Denny Carleton

I'm not busy It's just the phone

It's Not Busy, It's Just the Phone

Denny Carleton Song with Band One Off.Ric Conover drums and Jack Plucinsky keyboard.

Song cleverly arranged and produced by Jack Plucinsky



You can call me any old time.

You don’t need any reason or rhyme,

'Cause I’m not busy, I’m talkin’.

Drop me a post card send me a line-

You don’t need any obvious sign

Cause I’m not willing.

I’m anxious, you can call me-

I’m sure to be home, I’m not busy,

It’s just the phone.

I took my problem to the United Nations.

I said, "I’m shallow," I don’t care about your confrontations.

What I care about is: I’m lonely every night.

I’m not picky, I’m not particular.

My house is messy, it ain’t immaculate.

I’m not avanté-garde, I’m simple.