I have composed and written  music for a few  plays. 

 I  was also commisioned by Willoughby Fine Arts to write music for a play celebrating Ohio's bi centenial. I wrote O H I O a Chuck Berry inspired opening number and  Beautiful Spring a song tracing the history Of Ohio's first setlement in Schoenrbrun Ohio.


This resulted In me  writing my own Ohio Play which  was performed by The Peacefull Children Montesrorri School and also Our Lady of Mt Carmel Grade School, which is now Matre Dei Acadamy.




  I composed music for the St Joseph Life Center wherere I wrote  songs about Catholic Saints.


I also wrote a Sci Fi radio drama comedy  Who's Been Fooling Who? which has been played on numerouse college radio sations in the 1980's.


If you are interested in performing any of these plays or would like to have Me write music for your event contact me at 

I own the rights to all of the music I have written, But to perform a play that I have not written you must contact the author and publishers for their permission

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