Denny Carleton

The Grammy's


So, one day about maybe 10 years ago, I got a letter from The Grammys inviting me to a place downtown, an art gallery I think it was called the Viaduct. it was addressed to me as Dennis Alan Carleton. And the only people who know me as Dennis Alan Carleton besides my family are ASCAP. The grammys has an offshoot called Music Cares was a group that would go to different schools for the sake of education and also for the sake of –the other part of Music Cares besides educating people in schools about music – it also had a program where people who were poor or didn’t have enough money . . . let’s say if a musician needed some medical bills paid, they would actually go and get the medical bills paid for them One of the reasons this program came about is because Michael Green--one of the main people at the time at the head of the Grammys. Saw , one of his dad’s musician friends ended being poor and living their car. We have to have some kind of infrastructure for musicians.


, Michael Green was down at the viaduct trying to get a Cleveland chapter of the Grammys educational branch that would go to the schools in conjunction with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Michael Green was talking, he said the reason I am here today in Cleveland is one of the things that people don’t know that the Grammys do is they donate money to music therapy. They donate $100,000 a year -- tonight right when I’m done here, I’m going to leave and go to Tower City, and I am going to give $100,000 to the music therapy association because their International Convention is over at Tower City right now at the Statler Hotel.


So, I’m getting kind of pumped up watching this Michael Green, say all of these nice things about music therapy and how we was going to donate money to such a good cause. right when were done, my ex-wife goes up to Michael. and she says , you know me and my husband, we go around and we do music at nursing homes and we also do music at churches. We kind of do music therapy. . He goes that’s really terrific. I’d like to talk to you a little more. And he says you know what, I’ve got a suggestion.


Why don’t you guys come with me in my limousine right now and come with me to the music therapy convention. That would be really good for you. I said, ah, I, you know – and he said, no, I insist. I said but we don’t have any money, and we don’t have a ticket. He said listen, you just come with me, and we’re just going to barge this thing, and we’ll break in, and I’ll just tell them that you’re my personal guests. I said, well, uh, can we follow you over because we have our car. Well, yeah, just follow us over. We’re leaving right now. So, the next thing you know, me and Theresa are in our car following Michael Green who is this international guy from the Grammys. And so we got out of the car, we follow him in.

So, we go to the front desk, and they said “Michael Green.” And they said, well who are these folks ? And he said this is Dennis and Theresa Carleton. He said they are my guests. And they said well here’s your name tag. . And then he says come on up – right to the. It probably cost everybody else $500-600 to do this. We sit up in the front, and we hear these speakers talk about music therapy and listen to the msuci therapy band and folk And then we met Deforia Lane was there – who is a premier music therapist in the world. and all of sudden Michael Green says wait a second. I have to do something. And he gets up and he goes I think you music therapy people are awesome, and by the way here’s the $100,000 from the Grammys. From that encounter I ended up having Diforia Lane on my program and also

A representatibe from music cares. While he was on my show a musician ended up being networked to him and helped with some medical expenses.God works in amazing ways.