Below are some archive radio show highlights  from my time with WELW and below that is a list of guests who appeared on the show.

NEW   Carlos Albert and Dr Juan Interview

          David Ranken Pencil Sketch


          Jumpin Joe Madigan WJCU Radio Denny Lost Souls Interview Part 1

         Jumpin Joe Madigan WJCU Radio Denny Lost Souls Interview Part 2 


Fred Grupe Debby West and Denny have rock lyric discussion

Fred Grupe and Denny Carleton discuss politics

Joe Bonnamico talks about the play Trumpet in the Lnad.TrumpetinTheLand.mp3


Joseph King Talks about his Christmas song Boofo that he wrote for Barnaby boofo.mp3


 Damnation of Adam Blessing's Rey Benich and Adam Blessing's interview from 2000 DamnationofAdamBlessing.mp3




Richard Anderson tells the tale of Richard from the Young Lions and Mitch Mithchell



Tom Foster tells a short tale of how the record company ended up throwing out his roady from the band Eli Radish




Dave Smalley formerly of the Raspberries and the Choir discusses a release of music with Wally Bryson and Scott Mcarll. Poor audio on interview.This CD was put out under the name the Raspberries.DaveSmalleyTheRaspberries.mp3



Interview with the late great legendary Dick Lurie. lurie123.mp3<br>interview has been expanded.

Click link for expanded interview