Denny Carleton Update 

Hello Everyone 

         Hope you are well and safe.I have like most  everyone else have had all of my activities stopped or adjusted Brenda and I are in good health .We pray every day for all those affected anyway by Covid-19 

 My guitar lessons are now done on line through zoom or Skype or FaceTime.The good thing about that though is I feel quite comfortable with giving guitar lessons on line and now I can teach anyone anywhere.If you are interested let me know 

For those  of you who have Facebook . I do a concert once or twice a week. Go to Facebook and look up my page. They are recorded there so you can see the ones I did. The next one is 4pm April 19 2020. 

 I have two new CDS out Shadowlands that is really produced and arranged with 25 Cleveland area musicians and also Sketches which is the exact opposite, me playing solo doing sketches of half finished songs. Also in May the Choir that I was in  is releasing a two CD live recording of our concert 2019 at the Music Box...All of these CDS are either on or will be on You Tube I Tunes Spotify and wherever you get music now . 

The one good thing about this situation for me, is I have been able to update my website and finish projects.Some of my CDS you can now download directly from me. I have finished the Mass of St Gabriel, complete with lead sheet MP3 files and even a violin part. You can download that directly from my website.The Mass is an official mass approved by the United States Bishops.I have also been streaming  our charismatic prayer meeting and occasionally playing for ST Cosmas and Damian on line and every other week I send some files to FPC of Willoughby for their streamed service. 

Last but not least I have started doing radio again and there is an episode that if you go to my website on Anchor F.M. that if you go to Radio you will be able to hear. 

As I said hope all is well and hope to see you when we get through this.Attached is a free download of a song I wrote and recorded with Jack Plusinsky when we were in a band together One Off

If you have any questions or difficulty finding something or have prayer requests email me at I am surrounded by many praying and caring people so Im serious about the prayer requests. God Bless

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  • Carol
    Carol Mentor. Ohio
    I love that you are reaching out, not only offering your beautiful music for people to enjoy, but prayer too. Peace

    I love that you are reaching out, not only offering your beautiful music for people to enjoy, but prayer too.

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