Denny Carleton On Spotify

I have been self publishing my music for many years and have found a niche on Spotify . I have a regular flow of people all over the world who listen to my music . 

Spotify itself ,and CD Baby sends info to Artists on Spotify, on how to increase listens and placement on song lists, therefore earning artists more royalties. 

Spotify and CD Baby suggested  to let people who like my music to click on Spotify and say they like my songs and also click to follow . This would would increase my possibilities of being included on more playlists. 

CD Baby suggested one other thing you could do. Occasionally include one of my songs in one of your playlists They suggested 1 song and only if it legitimately fit in the genre of the list. 

Here is a link link to my artist page on Spotify . When you get to the artist page click on view all  and then just click that you like some of my songs then if you want  follow me and listen to a few if you would like. 

I am excited about this because  the new way of distributing music sure beats the old .Thanks for your  support and thanks for supporting Independent Music. 

                          Cheers Denny Carleton

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