Denny Carleton Spotify 2020 Highlights

Here is a link to a feature from Spotify called Artist Highlights. It reviews your highlights from the Previous year. My music was played in 76 countries. I was excited about that. I know others are much more known and probably have more and Im sure make much more money. But for someone like me who has been a round peg in a square hole musically speaking it was very rewarding.Im a Christian, Pentecostal Catholic, who still plays Americana Music in Clubs, was in a punk band, loves modern art and Praise and Worship in Churches. Im a throw back to the 1960's of peace and love , and my views are often bridge building , and cant we all get along. I believe in loving and forgiving your enemies. Believe me I do not fit into todays world.Im all about the music, the writing, spirituality, and proclaiming the Kingdom of God.As A person and as a Christian you want your life, your music and your body of work to be relevant.With no record company or financial backing that my music is appreciated is in an unfulfilling world fulfilling.I believe the plays the thing that turns the heart of the King, the pen is mightier than the sword and its better to Light One candle than to curse the darkness. Here is a socially distant toast to a better and healthier 2021!

2020 highlights Denny Carleton

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