Sisters and Brothers,


Carol agreed to share this powerful prophecy given at last night's 

prayer meeting.  --Eric Carpenter



My children, look at each day as a new day to be with me seeking me in 

every instance.  I await this special alone time with you because it 

means we are growing closer & closer together.


Everyone is surrounded by hordes of people scurrying back & forth 

keeping your mind & time occupied.


When you turn to me for some quiet time, this time will always calm you 

down & set you on the right path eliminating this rushing & decision making


It is so important this alone time with me. As we converse together I 

will show you many things that will enable you to live your life more 

simply & more in tune with me.


I call you now to seek this time for the betterment of your life. I will 

lead you along the path of righteousness to a more fulfilling experience


I love all my children but have a very special place in my heart for 

those I speak with on a regular basis - those that seek my assistance in 

all things - those that wish to live in my light