Denny Carleton and Randy Klawon Mp3

click for mp3 link Coming Back to You 

Denny songwriting and vocals Randy instruments, arrangement and production

Coming back to you

 Seems like 1000 years forward and back like a train that kept Going off the track

I'd like to get it right before the final act before this day is through

I'm coming back to you I'm coming back to you before the day is through

I know that you'll be there with open arms your mercies ever new I'm coming back to You

I spent my life on worthless things that didn't satisfy

I kept looking to the ground and not the sky when I think about it I start to cry

Before this night is true I'm coming back to you (CHORUS)

In your presence Lord is all that I desire

So fill me with your spirit light Your Holy Fire

May God be prove true and every man a liar

What else can I do I'm coming back to you