Denny Carleton Anecdotes of Shadowland CD

The Shadowlands Cd that I made with Al Globekar is something we are both proud of, Usually, as a singer songwriter, I love that my songs can be interpreted in many ways. But this CD is different.There are quite a few biblical references and I wanted  to clarify what was meant . In case you didn’t pick up from this CD, I am a Christian singer songwriter, and my beliefs hopefully shine through in these songs

Shadowlands While taking care of my Uncle Jacks estate, I saw a letter addressed to his brother Al who had passed  30 years ago. The message stated ,that if you don’t pay your bill soon, we will cut off your service. CS Lewis’s writings came to mind. What people think is real is often a  shadowland 

Welcome To My World I was listening to a media debate which stated what  people in the US believed. I said that may  be your world, but my world view  is different because of Jesus Christ 

Here Comes The Rain 

Life goes up and down but  the Lords reign goes forever. 

I Can See A  Rainbow. The verse “I can see a woman covered by the Sun standing on the moon with stars on her crown”, is a paraphrase from Revelation 12 in the Bible. 

Twilight Zone I was at my uncles house, cleaning out his house from the estate. and I saw his collection of all of these great videos of Dobie Gillis, I love Lucy etc.  I thought, if someone doesn’t write down these wonderful characters, they might be forgotten someday. 

This Is Forever When I married Brenda  I started thinking back of the relationships I have had with women.The opening line “Cloud by day, fire by night “, is from the book of Exodus, where God promised how he will guide the Israelites, till they get to the promised land. 

Remember Me A litany of worthy people to remember, ending with Jesus who said at the Last Supper, “Do this in remembrance of Me.” 

Swords Into Plowshares 

I heard some ranting about politics, in the usual negative way, and my anger turned to a prayer, asking for help, which resulted in a reminder as what it says in the Book Of Isaiah someday “We will put our swords in the plowshares.” 

Beautiful Spring is the story of the first settlement of Ohio where missionaries converted a tribe of Native Americans to Christianity.The Native Americans, became peaceful with all, then got caught in the middle of the revolutionary war. 

Big Wheel I was reading a Christian book which said that, God’s time is different than ours. Our time is like a little wheel, while God’s time is a big wheel that will last forever .I picked up my guitar and sang big wheel keep on turning 

Get Back To The Garden Is a paraphrase of  the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. I believe we have to try to get back to simplicity and there may be different ways of interpreting that ,but I believe it’s to get back to the Lord. 

Light At The End Of The Tunnel this was the song that Al wrote even though a lot of things look dark there is a light at the end of the title and there is there is hope 

For more info:If you would like to know more about my journey you could check out my website or read my memoir Welcome To My World 

Jesus says in Mathew 11 “Come unto Me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” In Revelation 3 20 Jesus says “Behold I stand at the door and knock.”  Ask Jesus, that if He is real,  show you that He Is.