From  an open mic night a new group evollved called the Elements.Fred Grupe on bass, John Hlavka accordian,Ed Mills bazooki, and percusssio, Art Lazar percussion,David Hlavka acoustic, Doug Bukovic electric guitar, Bob Howrie bass and guitar,Grege Coleman, zen drum , Dr Juan Hernandez,and others all took turns playing in Denny carleton and the Elements. Very casual and layed back we played local coffeehouse,the fine arts coffeehouse series, the Beachland ballroom,Seekers adn the Barking spider.we did my originals with and off beat sense of humour and a strange variety of instruments, including zen drum, bazooki, percussion, baritine guitar and more. we peaked when we played in downtown Cleveland at in front the Hanna Theatre at Playhouse Square , in Cleveland Ohio the Ingenuity festival

 I played for quite a few years with trimmer version a group called The Elements with John Halvka on accordian,and  Ed Mills on percussion backing me on my songs, Johnsplits time between traveling and Cleveland so we play together occasionally and Ed Mills sad to say has passed away.

Link to Elements video on you tube at Barking Spider