I have been asked to organize a Retreat .It will be at St Cosmas and Damian Church in Twinsburg Oct 2 2021 from 830-330. This is a first for me. Below is a link with info if You would like to sign up

I started to organize this retreat  After a prayer meeting when Fr Stalla our Pastor asked me to organize a retreat . He told me the Holy Spirit told him he wanted me to do it . It would be hard enough to to tell Father Stalla no but with the Holy Spirit inspiration what choice could I have . He then told me the Spirit said let me go and be free. How could I refuse

          Father Stalla defined missionary work as work that you have no business doing and I would say I come to you with no experience of planning a retreat . So let’s Go!

         Since that time I talked with Father have slowly put together small talks and light exercises that are put together in such a way to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and reveal Jesus Christ and The Fathers Love .To encounter an experience with the Lord. I  will share with you some of these today .

As Father Stalla has said many times in his sermons when he talks to unbelievers in God when tell him what they don’t like about God Father Stalla will say I don’t like that God either thats not the God I believe in .. in a way we have to

Chip away at all the false beliefs that have been built up around Our Faith to find the real treasure the pearl  of great price