This is a collection of songs that for some reason or another I wasn’t sure where  to put them, and didn’t quite fit on my other Cd’. As songwriters we try to grow, as we refine our search for honesty and truth. Here a collection of songs, that I wrote (Denny Carleton cp 2006).                                                           Denny Carleton

Jack Plusinski: Keyboard
Ric Conover: Drums
Denny Carleton: Bass, Acoustic, Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals.
            One day I was  watching television news and the announcer came on and said ”The French today they blocked the ports they wouldn’t let the English in they said that this would hurt the fisherman” The Cubans you know the refugees came to the United States then they caught a plane back home they changed their mind. .I though to myself that this sounded like poetry,and then I started to think how much information on the news is passed onto us without us being able to break it down and analyze it. This is not a political song .There been a lot written about the news and this is another one written in 1987.

2.  Untill Your Heart Heart Sings


  Randy Klawon - lead guitar  and arrangement

  Denny Carleton- bass , vocals and rhtym


Dave Alexy: Drums
Randy Klawon: Lead Guitar
Denny Carleton: Bass, Lead Vocals
Brian Sands: Rhythm Guitar
           This song was written in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1969, in a hotel room after playing a job in Grand Rapids. I was walking around the town not knowing anyone and the song came to me.

Larry Tomczack: Drums
Chuck Mckinley: Bass
Rich Schoenauer: Sax
Denny Marek: Lead Guitar
Denny Carleton: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
           I broke up with my girlfriend and my friends said hey let her know her faults..make  her crawl back.and I thought ,if these are men then count me out.This song was also recorded but the Choir which Jeff Jarema on the liner notes of the CD “Choir Practice” said was arguably the second best song ever recorded by the Choir,next to “It’s Cold Outside.”


                  Believe it or not this song was inspired by The Song Of Songs written by King Solomon in the Old Testament.. As I read Through the detailed description of romantic love, part of me was saying but really realistically what do you feel..This song was also banned by a junior high school when I played at in The Fa Band .We passed out lyrics to our songs and one of the lines is I want make love like Acid. I hate drugs and as a writer I probably should have said I  love you in a big insane way, although that would have been a little less exciting and descriptive way to use the English language.

6 . I Want to  EAT FOOD WITH YOU –Experimental Nations

                This song was written influenced by CS LEWIS the famous Christian writer .In his book “Mere Christianity”he attempts to get a hold of the question of sexuality.. He states  that  during the Victorian times people were repressed and wouldn’t talk about their sexuality ,but in our times it is the exact oppositte. We constantly talk about it and are fixated with it..He said that modern man argues that a sexual drive is natural and therefore should be expressed, but Mr. Lewis’s conclusion is that it is a natural drive but it is out of proportion in today’s society. To illustrate his point CS says that if you went to another planet and all they talked about was food (another natural drive) and then have constant jokes, double meanings or coyly seductively attired food, you would say that although food is a natural desire, that particular cultures natural desires have gotten out of hand and twisted. So when I wrote my radio drama Who’s been fooling Who ?  set in the future, where society has been become helplessly confused, I wanted to have some weird songs to match up with this out of whack society. So that’s when I wrote “I Want To Eat Food with You”


Mark Luthardt: Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Denny Carleton: Rhythm Guitar, Bass & Lead Vocals
Mac Chafer: Drums

           I was in a group called Abba (no relation to the Swedish singing sensations) and we used to do my song” You Cut Me Into Ribbons.” .After I quit the band the group continued to perform my song. For a songwriter this is a compliment and for me was an open door to ask  if they would like to do another one of my tunes  if I would write one made for their singer Aj Robey. I then wrote a song for AJ ,who was sort of a David Bowie glam rock sort of singer. As things go The band didn’t  perform the song, but I played it in any band that was in after that.It had 4 chords and was fun to play and other bands started to perform it did it  and it was eventually recorded by the Pagans. Chuck Eddy in his review of the Pagans album “Buried Alive” said that if all songs rocked  as good as “Boy Can  I Dance Good”, I’d call this album the best album ever made. Thanks Chuck


8. PREGNANT MOLLY- Cleveland  Cuties
                   Al Globakar- lead gutar Denny Carleton- vocals, rhythm and bass, Mac Chafer drums, Ric Harrison piano

           At times in my writing I have kept a journal .During one of those times I saw on a subway wall in University Circle in Cleveland “God may be dead but Jane is pregnant again’.I  also at the time was taking my first philosophy class in college and  in church movements where I was meeting all kinds of street people. One Saturday I went to a pet store in Euclid and wrote down the names of fish that were in the tank.One of the fish was a Pregnant Molly. This song is the result of all that.


9.99 Vietnams—POEM AND LYRICS WRITTEN BY THE LATE Dave Hayward 99 while he was in Vietnam.. All music vocals and instruments Denny Carleton


10.Without Hope---Lyrics written by Dante, Dante wrote the paradisio an inmaginary trip through Heaven. And Dantes Inferno which was an imaginary trip through hell. Theses lyrics are an adaptation from dante’s inferno.



Dave Alexy: Drums
Randy Klawon: Lead Guitar
Denny Carleton: Bass, Lead Vocals
Brian Sands: Rhythm Guitar
 This song was written after listening to Humble Pie. A former friend was criticizing me and this is how I expressed my anger and frustration.result of that moment in time.



Mark Luthardt: Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Denny Carleton: Rhythm Guitar, Bass & Lead Vocals
Mac Chafer: Drums

Phil Baron-Piano

Tom Mackle- Background Vocals
                   During the 1970s when I used to hang around the Free clinic In Mentor. We had a nice scene there where people would come for counseling and free clinic help, and we would all sit around and play our acoustic guitars .I saw some good thing there and some not so good and I longed to get back to some innocence or back to the garden as Joni Mitchel would say or back to the Jukebox as I would say .I also was listening to Chriistian  rock performer Larry Norman at the time.