I was ready to open as a solo acoustically for the Secret and Abby Rodeo at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland in 2007.  There was usually about 500 people there. A few weeks before the show  Eric Robertson of the Secret died. This event went from a festive gathering of old friends to a grieving at losing someone  too soon. I said a prayer and asked God for inspiration and within 5 minutes the song as you hear it was written.Much of the words are taken from the Book of Revelation . The underlining meaning I felt in this song that there is a covenant of God with all creation signified by the rainbow and although things at times may seem bleak good will come out of it. How I get that thought from these lyrics is a mystery 

I can see the Son 

I’m standing in His reign 

The Holy Spirit wind is on my window pain 

 And I can see a rainbow There’s some things you just know (CHORUS) 

I can feel the wind blow I can see a rainbow 

 And I can see a woman covered by the Son Standing on the moon 

With stars on in her crown (CHORUS) 

 And I can see an eagle flying in the sky I didn’t understand it I didn’t question why 

 And I can see the Earth swallowing the flood And I can see your friends singing of your love (Chorus)