I want to be where angels sing

Recorded by Denny Carleton and Randy Klawon

I want to be where angels sing Learn to let your praises ring
I want to be in the grace  Where your waters flow

I want things that satisfy Where you rest and eagles fly
I want a closer walk with thee And know that I know

Your love is all I need  You set the captive free
Faith is a living seed That makes your kingdom grow

Your there to heal the broken heart  Bind us when we're torn apart
Your touch gives a brand new start  Your spirit guides when you depart

 I want to have a living faith Enter in the narrow gate
Want To love instead of hate Learn to tell your story straight

I want to trust you with my fate now your timing is never late
God is good no God is great Upon the Lord I Shall wait (chorus)

I want to help the unborn child Oh Jesus meek and mild
Have compassion on the Poor As you're knocking on our door

Bring your spirit Bring your might Crash through this darkest night
Make our wrongs into your right Let us shout out with your light (Chorus)

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