The mass of St Gabriel which I composed is used At St Gabriel in Concord Ohio. I had written a mass called mass of the Guardian Angel . Marge Syroney of the  Fine Arts Association in Willoughby notated the mass  and through a series of seemingly God inspired coincidences I was asked by St Gabriel if they could rename the mass  to 'Mass of St Gabriel' and use it for their parish. 

There will be an update  about the mass of St Gabriel soon. Since the time of the first edition of the mass the mass has been accepted by the United States Conference of Bishops.The  mass has also been renotated by Bob Soeder noted liturgical director and keyboardist at St Monicas in Garfield Hights Ohio. Bob and Mary Hrich, the liturgical minister at Mary Magdalene  and Carol Linnsenmeir (viola) have assisted me in a new recording of the mass, which will be available along with the new notation in 2020. There are additions to the original, which includes a traditional alleluia , a Lenten Gospel Acclamation and also a chanted one  There is also a new Gloria aNBd two extra declarations of Faith and also a penentential rite (Lord have mercy)at the beginning of mass. The recording will be available on I tunes and the sheet music on Amazon. It will also be available to be ordered direclly through me  either recieving the printouts of the mass or a PDF file or mp3 or a CD. Also if there are those that cannot afford a nominal fee for the mass I would just give it to them.



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Denny Carleton Solo and with Friends. Al Globekar will play a few songs with Denny from Denny's CD Shadowlands also Carol Linsenmeier,Anthony Vacaro, Diane Leonardi,Mike Fink,Jimmy Hoose, Ken Eiker,Terry Mach, Greg Preske,Rich Harmon and Tom Brehm