In the fall of 2006 I felt a need to pray and then listen to see if there was any inner voice or promptings, that seemed to be from the Holy Spirit.One of the Gifts of The Holy Spirit is Prophecy and I have had the ability to and have flowed in that gift at times.Prophecy is a Gift where the Holy Spirit is speaking through a person.

I was surprised at how many prophecies, came and with the help of a friend they were written down below is a sample of the book

                                                             Helping Hand

It is important for my children in the church to remember their humble roots of where they were at when they came to know me. If my people would do this one and simple thing (remember their roots) my church would become the helping hand that I desire it to be.

                          As a rose is scattered on the ground

As a rose is scattered on the ground, so is my love discarded by people. Instead of coming to the living waters they go to broken cisterns. So my people have committed two crimes: they don’t come to me and they drink from water that can’t satisfy. (Jeremiah 2:13)

Below is an example of the detail and depths of these prophecies.These were all given in one day

October 20, 2006

I’ll restore your youth and what the locusts have eaten. I am near to the crushed in spirit and those that tremble at my word. My children, do not judge people, but help them, lift them up. (Isaiah 58 - healing scripture)

Am I not teaching you. Am I not guiding you. I will lead you to let the oppressed go free, the captives go free and to go into freedom. Feel my passion for others.

Feel my tenderness for my sheep. I will lead you in perfect timing. To go fast would be a mistake. I know the past and make it new. I know the future and I guard and protect you. I comfort you. (Psalm 121 - Guardian angel)

My children, come to me all you are heavy laden and I will give you rest. My yoke is easy and my burden slight. My children you ask why so many burdens are not light. For it is they don’t come to me. But my children, my guarantee and promises are for you. I can show you in the Spirit, although chaos reins all around you, how I would have you react. You can drink water in a desert place. You can walk tall although others settle for less. You can even have Spirit left over for others when you are in tune with me. Let me tune you up. Let me form fit you in proper clothes. Let me take you to a banquet. Let me open the way for you.

My children, as you walk in the Spirit many are still walking in the flesh. Many of my own children are still walking in the flesh.

The Harvest Time is here. The laborers are few. Many walk in the flesh for their own pleasures. But some are drawn in because they don’t know any better. I’m calling you to help them. I will set you up as a healthy alterative. The left or the right is not what I’m looking for. I dwell in the center with my life giving Spirit.

Behold I make all things new. Am I not making a way? Am I not equipping you? My children you do not know the future. Would you have predicted what you are doing?

Come to your senses is what I would like to tell the world. If people would come to me I would restore sanity in the land. I  have called  you, my children, to convey this message.

My children, I am with you always. Rest in me.  Children, I come to you in a still small voice .My Spirit will whisper to your heart I’m with you in the ups and downs

I am the Lord, thy God My children you couldn’t contain all my mysteries This is why I’m giving you the gift of the Spirit The mystery of my Fatherhood could not be contained by you My Spirit will bring you into all truths But some things are to much to bear

Each step we do to another level of Glory. From Glory to Glory he’s changing me My children, you must have faith as my plans unfold for you Your lives are intertwined with others My timing is perfect.Do not ask for too much or too little :Ask for my will

My children, I am pointing you to the path of recovery. I have led you this way and trained you so you can help in recovering my people. My children, feel the joy of my spirit. That is the confirmation that I am truly with you.

 You stand on the threshold of a new and an old day. New, because my ways are ever new. Old, because my paths are ancient and true. Many have walked on this path before. It is the way of the Spirit, the way of Life, the way of Holiness.

 Your salvation has been bought by my blood. My path is narrow but the way is light, but you must pick up your cross. How can all of these things be. The ways of the Spirit are a mystery. As you can not even comprehend the mystery of another person, it is futile to understand the mysteries of God.

 You are to love the Lord, your God, with your whole heart, your whole soul and your whole mind and love your neighbor as yourself. With that overflowing love you are called to heal.

 My children, keep your eyes on me in the days and weeks ahead for I will make a way.

I will produce life.MyCommandments are light. For goodness and holiness produces wholeness. And when you come to the Author of Life you’ll grow in wellness and wholeness.

 My children, go about your business in peace for I am with you harmonizing the elements of your life. I love you, be at peace.