St. Joseph

Oh patron of all fathers, and patron of step fathers And patron of all workers, who work so hard for their families

 And Joseph you showed courage, when you listened to the Angels

And Joseph I think I understand, You taught us how to be a man And Joseph pray for me.

St. Theresa of Avilla

In his Kingdom are many mansions, like our souls have many rooms

 Like a diamond your Soul can shine, Interior castles of yours and mine

 Interior Castles of the soul as we go deeper we are made whole

Through clear windows His light can shine

Lord please make your will be mine.

Joan of Arc

Her name was Joan; Joan of Arc. She heard voices. She had visions

The Angels told her to rescue France, she fought wars and won

She was put on trial as a heretic, You heard voices and wouldn’t quit

So they burned her at the stake, later on they changed their mind said she

was a Saint

We ask for prayers from Joan of Arc, to help us through this night of darkness

So through all of this what lesson did we learn? Joan’s heart broke, but it didn’t burn

 Kateri Tekakwitha

Through Kateri God blessed North America. Kateri lived in this land.

Kateri, Lily of the Mohawks. Kateri lend us your hand

You gave your life to the Son, left the customs of your tribe

To be what you’ve become, we’ll have to leave ourselves behind

 St. Fiacre

The Kingdom is like a grain of mustard seed that grows into a great big tree

And on the branches, birds put their nest and people come buy for shade and rest

 The Kingdom has some wheat and weeds, but if you pull the wheat you may slow Gods’ seed

So abide in him ye branches cause he is the vine and you’ll bear much fruit, most of the time.

The Kingdom is like a grain of mustard seed that grows into a great big tree.

St. Mary Magdaline

To be honest I was lost. I had done some things I shouldn’t have done

Some out of confusion, some out of pain, some out of sin And some I mistook for love

 Then all at once people wanted to stone me, And I knew in my heart I was no worse than them

Then Jesus came along and I’ll never forget the words he said

He who is without sin cast the first stone

And you know what they all walked away one by one

St. Catharine of Sienna

Catharine listened to the Lord. In the silence God spoke to her

Then she spoke out against injustice. And she meant it when she said

The world is lost through our silence. So speak out for what is right

The world is lost through our silence, So in the darkness shine His light

 Marys’ Song- Do whatever He tells you

Do whatever He tells you, whatever He tells you do it

Marys’ soul magnified the Lord In all she did She gave glory to the son

Mary’s life said yes to the Lord (Chorus)

At the wedding no wine for the guests Do what he tells you and Jesus did the rest

Mary’s’ life said yes to the Lord (Chorus)

At the Cross-Jesus he looked down John HERE’S your mother

Mother here is your son

Mary’s life said yes to the Lord (Chorus)

Those who do the will of the lord Will be his brothers his mother and his son

Mary’s life said yes to the Lord (Chorus)


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