The  mass of St Gabriel which I composed is used At St Gabriel in Concord Ohio.It was originally in the key of E and named Mass of Divine Melody then changed  to Mass of the Guardian Angel. I  was with  Marge Syroney at the Fine Arts Association in Willoughby working on the notation when a young lady, who was Marge's next piano student, asked what we were doing. Marge told her I had written a mass and we are in the process of notating it. The student said that her Parish was looking for a Mass to celebrate they're 50th anniversary . I gave a link to my website to her and ST Gabriels music director  checked it out, liked it  and then asked if I could change the name to Mass of St Gabriel. It seemed meant to be ,and of course I said yes.The mass had been used at St Gabriel, St Cosmas and Damian youth mass and parts of it  at Matre Dei Acadamy Grade School.

Since the time of the first edition of the mass the mass has been accepted by the United States Conference of Bishops.The  mass has also been renotated by Bob Soeder noted liturgical director and keyboardist at St Monicas in Garfield Hights Ohio. Bob and Mary Hrich, the liturgical minister at Mary Magdalene  and Carol Linnsenmeir (viola) have assisted me in a new recording of the mass, which is  available below . There are additions to the original, which includes a traditional alleluia , a Lenten Gospel Acclamation and also a chanted one  There is also a new Gloria and  two extra declarations of Faith and also a penantential rite (Lord have mercy)at the beginning of mass.

My original mass had a spoken Gloria and a  repeating chorus of Glory to God in The Highest. I was inspired by a Christmas Mass I  attended ,when the congregation enthusiastically sang the Chorus to Gloria, to the the the tune of Angels We Have Heard on High.I observed  Catholics will sing and participate if they really like the tune. I thought I can do this! When I told the office in the Cleveland Diocese I had finished the Mass ,( I was looking for direction of what to do next ) I was told my Mass was forbidden in the Diocese, because Bishop Lennon had forbidden the repeating chorus of Glory to God in the Cleveland Catholic Diocese and one must sing the Gloria never recite it.I then preceded to write a new Gloria with no repeating chorus.The irony of this is that  the Bishop retired for health purposes, a new Bishop was appointed and then was assigned somewhere else. There was then no Bishop in Cleveland for  a few months and COVID hit and we are not allowed to sing the Gloria at Mass only recite it. Hmm. So I have decided to rerecord my spoken version. You never know maybe some other Diocese does not have that law or maybe another denomination would enjoy it, or maybe the rule will change someday. It is posted  below

The Original Spoken Gloria

Official Mass of St Gabriel

Denny Carleton


Official Mass of St Gabriel

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Denny Carleton's Mass Of St Gabriel with Bob Soeder on piano Mary Rich Vocals And Carol Linnsemeir on Violin

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