Me performing at Denny Carleton at the Fine Arts Association in Willoughby Jan 25 . My song Today was written in the 1980’s when I was asked by a video store to write an appropriate opening song to match old films that were filled with images of Relatives , like Grandma and Grandma that were being transferred to DVD. The store wanted to use music as a backdrop but were afraid of copyright cost. They wanted something not too heavy, But just right to celebrate with dignity the love that had been shared and remembered. Here are the lyrics and me performing live the song . 

Today Denny Carleton  live recorded by Drew Losch ay Lalure Vineyards

Today  on Spotify arranged by Fred Grupe and recorded by Dan Rose


Where did all the time go? 

Seems like yesterday- 

We were so much younger, 

Younger than today. 

Chorus: I’m not going to hold back my love for you today 

No matter how near or far that You are away 

I’m going to say those things that I have to say today 

I still feel warm and close 

And near you by my side. 

There's something about love 

That it never dies. 


Love is then - 

love is now; 

I believe love 

Lasts somehow.