Holy Spirit Classroom - Intro Spreading the Fire and Love of The Holy Spirit   

A place on the web to store and organize and share teachings and sharing , prayer requests, music, live streams, that are connected to the St Cosmas and Damian Prayer Group. The prayer group has been meeting for over 30 years founded by Gerry and Grace Wroebel and now formed by Father Michael Stalla  led by Denny and Brenda Carleton.The prayer group under the Wroebel's leadership brought in speakers from Steubenville, became known for their Festival Of Praises , teaching, lively praise and worship, Life in the Spirit Seminars and spreading the fire through out the Cleveland far  reaching Diocese. The prayer group carries on today  with the Fire of the Holy Spirit with teachings and active Spiritual gifts including speaking in tongues prophecy and healing.  

 Denny and Brenda lead the prayer group every Sunday at 7pm with a teaching by  Father Stalla  and Gerry Wroebel each  once a month . Denny and usually accompanied by Tony Marra lead praise all 4 weeks.  The prayer group is also streamed on St Cosmas and Damian Facebook Page live streamed and then later able to be viewed.

 Check this page for upcoming events including charismatic masses, healing services, prayer teams, teachings. praise and worship and more..For more info or to be out on a mailing list contact dennycarleton@sbcglobal.net