Denny Carleton is an important part of Cleveland Music History having played with the Lost Souls,The Choir ,Moses, Milk with Brian Sands and the Pagans. He is now a prolific prolific  acoustic singer songwriter that has released 3 CDs in 2019 and 2020. including Shadowlands with 25 other Cleveland area Musicians and two solo CDS '"Sketches" and 2020 vision ( both appropriately named). Denny has a long history of being on and hosting radio programs, so he would be great guest for an  interview or to play a concert live with stories included  or in the studio .He currently plays out live , but did  a successful live stream on Facebook every Wednesday  March 2020 till Jan 2021. Also recently he has been asked by Churches to do  live stream concerts.


Below is a quote from Cat Lilly from The North Coast Voice Dec 2019 from Denny's CD Shadowlands 

This is excellent and intricate songwriting with plenty of nuance and thoughtful  lyrics 

Link to Review of  Shadowlands 

Link to Listen To Shadowlands CD 

Press Photos

Willoughby Gazebo Concert

Cleveland Inguinity Festival

Fine Arts Association Willoughby