I have a long history of music as a singer songwriter 60's Folk Rock Americana   but  I also have a long history of leading praise and worship as a Christian   In 2019 I got to lead praise and worship at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland . I was thrilled to lead praise, but struck me as much from that experience was the deep sense of honor and respect I had for all the musicians  who had gone before.

This site is dedicated to my Music History and Songwriting. If you are searching for the Christian aspect of my life check out www.dennycarletonlightonecandle.com...I have a memoir Welcome To My World which tells a lot of my story and my recent CD Shadowlands which are available on this home page on this Website.

Please do not come to the conclusion that I am afraid or ashamed to testify for all the Jesus has done in my life, because I'm not I'm grateful. But also do not think I am ashamed of most things I have done in my secular music. All it is Im just trying to make it easier to navigate a website. God Bless and Keep Rocking in the Free World

                                Denny Carleton


Welcome to My World
  • Welcome to My World
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Denny Carleton Memoir Denny Carletons' Welcome To My World is a memoir of the path less taken  of  a Cleveland Rocker from the 1960s who played in notable Cleveland Bands the Lost Souls, Choir and Moses . After  the rockin 60s The book takes you through his journey as a praise and worship leader,singer songwriter and caregiver for his parents. Many stories that either reveal  unbelievable coincedences  or else the loving. hand of God the Father (depending on your viewpoint).The book weaves between musical and spiritual revelatory experiences in the Holy Spirit, being serious yet humerous at the same time.Not for everyone but 5 stars for others. For example Denny sings at an Indian Pow Pow and is confronted at the same time by an Indian women who wants his music to be more inclusive and also a Christian Fundamentalist who  is very dogmatic.A book for our time that offers a vision in a conflicted world but manages to be a light hearted and a easy read. Welcome to My World  is  a good  example of the New Evangelalization .One person telling their story and experience to a friend in a real and non judgemental way. Top reviews   Fred Grupe says this book rocks"I purchased Denny's book, Welcome To My World and it is totally awesome. For anyone who grew up in Northeastern Ohio over the past 60 years, this is a MUST read. Baseball, music, hippies, Christian communities, song

Welcome to My World, the memoirs of Cleveland musician Denny Carleton is a wonderful and inspiring read! Journeying from the 1960’s to present day, this book takes a nostalgic look at Cleveland music as seen through the eyes of an accomplished musician/composer and teacher. More than a mere historical review, it is a moving and spiritual work, well with its time. - Bob Soeder – Director of Music/Liturgy, St. Monica Church, Garfield Hts. OH

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Denny Carleton

12 song CD The Shadowlands Cd is Folk Rock Americana (In a Northern Way) with elements of the British Invasion combined with Denny Carleton's quirky spiritual songs with Al Globekar's. virtuoso guitar work.25 other musicians and vocalists from the Cleveland and Lake County music scene, add there skills to the project.Instruments used on this project include acoustic, electric,baritone,bass,lap steel, and Nashville tuned guitar. piano, organ, cheesy organ, harmonium and accordion combine with fiddle, violin,child xylophone, sax, flute , drums roto toms, maracas synth and tambourine.
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