I had gotten to a point that I wanted to something different besides play music. I was watching a TV show and a Christian entertainer said if you feel a strong burden about something maybe God wants you to do what is on your heart. I had been feeling frustrtaed that the same 3 o 4 four musicians in Cleveland always got the attention.I knew Rey Somich from WELW Radio and I had this idea to feature Clevland Music Scene as I knew it. Sort of like Fellini's Roma when tells you,you've seen the travel guides of Rome but now I will show the real story.Rey said yes he would like me to do a show like that and thats how I started on the radio .

I spent about 7 years on WELW. interviewing a lot of local musicians.I was joined after a few years by Fred Grupe where we morphed into a comedy interview program. From there I went on to the Word radio which is owned by the same company as the Fish, where I had a Christian format interviwing local pastors,priests and musicians.I currently am on Blog talk radio, where I post shows then they are archiived.I also do a radio program every Sunday from2-3 Pm and Saturday 6-7 on WERE 1490 Am radio aith legendary Sister Juanita Sheily and Jo Anne Tripoli

 I have three shows on Blogtalk radio: Fill in The Blank which I talk about my own carreer, Upon this Rock is a Christian orientated interview program and Denny Carleton and Friends,.



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God's Saving Word

I do a radio show with Sister Juanita Sheily and Joan Ann Tripoli every Sunday between 2 ans 3 Pm on News talk Cleveland 1490 Am  .Its a talk show where we examine our lives to see how We are doing. also play some music live

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Denny Carleton Email



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School of Fine Arts , 38669 Mentor Ave, Willoughby Ohio 44094

Denny Carleton Solo and with Friends. Al Globekar will play a few songs with Denny from Denny's CD Shadowlands also Carol Linsenmeier,Anthony Vacaro, Diane Leonardi,Mike Fink,Jimmy Hoose, Ken Eiker,Terry Mach, Greg Preske,Rich Harmon and Tom Brehm