Instead of being frustrated and feeling powerless write a song.

In the 1960's when we wanted social change, it wasn't always about politics.It's been said The pen is mightier than the sword, and the plays the thing that turns the heart of the king. I wrote this song after being put on hold by  the phone company, then being transferred to foreign countries to explain, why I was overcharged.

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You've reached the office of Juliet and Sheen, so leave your number at the beep on the impersonal machine.  And you will wait on the line and we will waste your time. We'll let the music play, We'll waste away your day You'll wait for 15 minutes to hear what we will say.

With our caller ID feature We'll will know its you who called, and in a few days, you'll get a call back after all. From a credit card company who bought our phone call list. When the game is on the line, We will waste all your time.We'll ask you stupid questions that will really blow your mind.

Take out your cell phone in a traffic jam, and use your pager, your faxing while you scan, and just in case you'll get an e mail telegramm, We'll ,mispronounce your name, disdain on your name, obtain as you complain,That We're a real  a real  pain. Telephone