Denny Carleton

Short bio

Denny has been a long lasting figure in the Cleveland music scene, having played with notable '60s bands The Choir and the Lost Souls and has continued on writing, performing  and recording through all of his  musical changes . Influences  include the  Beatles, Kinks ,Dylan, Van Morrison , John Prine, Rodney Crowell The Bare Naked Ladies Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen,Bruce Cockburn  and Elevation Worship.Loves  inspired song writing ,Americana ,country music  and contemporary Christian as well as his roots of British Invasion .If You are interested in his Christian music check out 

 He currently plays live as a singer songwriter and organizes concerts  with  performers entitled  Denny Carleton and Friends, His original  music is available on most digital platforms He also plays solo acoustically doing covers mixed with his own songs,  and  leads contemporary Praise and Worship.

Denny is  also a Cleveland Radio Veteran with a current podcast The Cleveland Music Connection Link to Podcast

Link to Archived Radio

in 2024 he re published his memoir Welcome To My World..with an addendum Link to Dennys Memoir 

in 2019 he released a 12 song CD  Shadowlands with  25 musicians and vocalists from Cleveland  adding their skills. It’s Folk Rock Americana (In a Northern Way) with elements of British Invasion and ,Denny’s  quirky spiritual songs (CS Lewis meets Tom Petty and Ray Davies )with Al Globekar's. virtuoso guitar work.  Link to  Shadowland