I have  been a Christian all of my life but my life changed in the 1970's when I  had a deeper commitment after the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.Since then I have  continued to perform as a secular musician, and have  been active in the church composing, writing and leading prayer groups and worship and praise.

In 2019 I played praise and worship at the Rock And Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. I felt joy praising the Lord , but I was also. aware of  my deep  respect  I had for the musicians that had shaped me ,whose music is honored there. On this Website there is a weaving of past history and current activities as a Christian in the church and singer songwriter material about everyday life. I have always thought a Christian Songwriter should write about all of life which is sacred. My memoir Welcome To My World and this website, tells my story and witness for Christ and also my music ,writings, Cleveland Rock Bands and Radio . I believe it's a good example of the New Evangelism , One person's story of  the Holy Spirit's Work in their life .        God Bless

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