Denny Carleton

Denny has been a long lasting figure in the Cleveland music scene, having played with notable '60s bands such as The Choir and the Lost Souls and has continued on writing, performing  and recording through all of his  musical genres changes , including punk ,Gospel ,blues ,jazz  folk ,experimental,  Avant Garde  , and  theatrical pieces


As a gifted guitarist, he is also a singer and prolific songwriter whose  blend of original material utilizing Folk, Rock and Acoustic influences has been aired on 300 college and public radio stations in the U.S. and Canada. With his love for music and the music comunity , he organizes concerts  with  various performers under the title of Denny Carleton and Friends, He currently plays live as a singer songwriter  at such places as the Barking Spider and also as a church praise and worship leader. He has recorded  12 CDS, which are available on I tunes and Spotify.

Denny is  also a Cleveland Radio Veteran with a current podcast The Cleveland Music Connection Story Behind The Song and in 2024 re published his memoir with addendum Welcome To my World..Denny continues teaching  guitar, bass, piano and songwriting, passing his gifts on to the next generation


Epiphany At The Market  

The Story Behind My New Song And Video  Son Of Man 
 I was shopping at a local food produce market , where folks of all kinds ,blue collar ,white collar , black,white, yellow, brown and kids with parents hair were crammed like sardines while  bumping their carts into one another . Store clerk’s bringing fresh corn , others carting in cantaloupes dodging traffic like some old amusement park ride or some modern video game .

And then I had an epiphany. Maybe it’s because I had just recently seen the new Chosen season or had recently read some Thomas Merton, where he realized he was part of the people he saw in the downtown streets of Louisville.My revelation was Jesus who often referred to himself as Son Of Man , would be right in the middle of the action in the market in the fabric of real life. I’ll let the song and video speak for itself after this intro .



A Modern Psalm by Denny Carleton 

A Modern Psalm  by Denny Carleton inspired by the Holy Spirit

 I was overwhelmed with a schedule that seemed impossible.Waves upon waves of commitments and half finished projects and broken promises to people who I said I would call or meet

Then I stopped and sought the Lord and he refocused me and gave me directions .

 He showed me my legitimate commitments , put them in order and had me write down what I should do for each .

 I was filled with a Shalom peace and felt “Healthy “

 Thank you Lord for refocusing me and thank you for direction.

 Thank you for delivering me me from frustration, and a divided troubled mind , upset stomach and a furrowed brow.

 Seek Him first ( Pause And Reflect On The Wonderful Works Of God and magnify Him )and when he reveals  himself to you You will praise Him the one who has come to set you free

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