Denny Carleton

Short bio

Denny has been a long lasting figure in the Cleveland music scene, having played with notable '60s bands The Choir and the Lost Souls and has continued on writing, performing  and recording through all of his  musical changes , including Beatles, Kinks Dylan, Van Morrison ,John Prine,Rodney Crowell  inspired song writing and contemporary Christian .If You are interested in his Christian music check out 

 He currently plays live as a singer songwriter and organizes concerts  with  performers entitled  Denny Carleton and Friends, His original  music is available on most digital platforms .He also plays solo acoustically doing covers.

Denny is  also a Cleveland Radio Veteran with a current podcast The Cleveland Music Connection Link to Podcast

in 2024 he re published his memoir Welcome To my World..with an addendum Link to Dennys Memoir 

in 2019 he released a 12 song CD  Shadowlands with  25 musicians and vocalists from Cleveland  adding their skills. It’s Folk Rock Americana (In a Northern Way) with elements of British Invasion and ,Denny’s  quirky spiritual songs (CS Lewis meets Tom Petty and Ray Davies )with Al Globekar's. virtuoso guitar work Link to  Shadowland  

Below is one older song with a new video and there are two newer songs With My Camera  and Maps about North East Ohio.


Eric Carmen passing  

             A few weeks ago my friend and music partner Al Globekar called and told me the sad news that Eric Carmen had died. I knew Eric in the 1960s and early 70s and saw him and said Hi at Jane Scott’s 80th birthday party .
             In the 1960s we would run into each other randomly and talk about how cool Steve Marriot, Brian Jones or the Beatles were . We both were fans of the music but also the cool look and clothing of the 1960s British Groups .
             I never played in a band with him but the Cyrus Erie when I was in the Choir were our competition.He would come down and see us play at Otto’s Grotto and as a matter of fact two of our members joined him in Cyrus Erie , and the Choir I was in disbanded and I ended up in Moses.
                Moses with Brian Sands , Dave Alexy,  and Randy Klawon became real popular and Eric asked Dave and I to try out. For some reason I can’t recall why he leant me an amp and I broke off the wheel used to transport it. Sorry about that. I knew I didn’t want to join but out of you never know or curiosity ,Dave and I went and practiced with Eric and his friend Marty and I remember playing Let It Be . I never joined . My high school and early college girlfriend married John Alecsic who was the first Raspberries bass player for a time till Dave Smalley joined .
                 The last time I saw him in the 60s and 1970s I was hanging out in Kent going to listen to bands and we talked and he said he was going to start a band like the Beatles which he did the Raspberries .
                 Jim Bonfanti the drummer of the Choir and Raspberries , who I played with recently in our Choir reunion shows was in regular contact with Eric and his mourning was much more personal.I would say that Eric was a pleasant acquaintance who I always enjoyed talking with.
               When I saw him at Jane Scott’s reunion he said he checked out my website and liked it and made me feel good .
               On line when Eric passed a way quite a few folks said sorry for my loss, but I just explained my feelings were respect and pleasant memories not deeply personal like his family and close friends .My empathy and prayers go out to them
               Someone on line asked me did people realize how great Eric was? The truthful answer is yes I’m sure ,although we were all young and competitive but the truth of the matter is he was great but so was the whole scene, You had Joe Walsh playing locally, as well as the Choir, Phil Keaggy, Eli Radish, Michael Stanley, Wally Bryson  etc. These are people you know but the list goes on for a long time . Eric was great but so was the scene .
                My friend Bill Heinrich, in our conversation mentioned said it best when he said “when someone who is well known and part of our music history passes a bit of who you are is diminished.”
          Its almost a corporate and private grieving. The  same could be said about Michael Stanley and many others including Brian Sands, Fred Grupe, Tom Foster Denny Marek and others. 
           Eric was a great talent, whose musical legacy will live on who brought great joy to many