Denny Carleton Anecdotes from new Shadowland CD and bonus track  

Heres an  Mp3 of my song Shadowlands from the CD Shadowlands.. This Cd received a great review from Cat Lilly North Coast Voice . The review is linked on my home page as well as lyrics. Here are some of the stories and influences behind the songs on this CD. Also you can get the CD through the website or I Tunes or hear it on Spotify

Denny Anecdotes from New Shadowland CD


Don't Forget   

Don't forget the egg nog the wrappings and the bows

Dont forget the presents and the mistletoe

And don't forget the star that hangs upon the tree 

And don't forget your family  And don't forget about Me

And don't  forget about Jesus He's the one from Galilee

He was born in a stable but He died to set us free

And don't forget about Jesus there was no room in the inn

And if we're not careful it could happen again.


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Shadowlands Denny Carleton New Cd 

The Shadowlands Cd is Folk Rock Americana (In a Northern Way) with elements of the British Invasion combined with Denny Carleton's quirky spiritual songs with Al Globekar's. virtuoso guitar work.25 other musicians and vocalists from the Cleveland and Lake County music scene, add there skills to the project.Instruments used on this project include acoustic, electric,baritone,bass,lap steel, and Nashville tuned guitar. piano, organ, cheesy organ, harmonium and accordion combine with fiddle, violin,child xylophone, sax, flute , drums  roto toms, maracas synth and tambourine.

You can also purchase by check for 13.20 which inlcudes tax and postage. Make check to Denny Carleton and mail to Denny Carleton PO Box 812 Twinsburg Ohio 44087. Mention what CD you would like to purchase

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