I wrote this in 1979 on about the influence of the Love and peace message of the 1960s

                                                                                                           Love Love Love

                  I’m really tired of hearing rock-n-roll songs about love.  Not that I don’t love, love—I certainly do.  God is love.  I guess love songs remind us of what’s really important.  Churches talk about love.  Free clinics talk about love.  The Bible talks about love.  St. Paul says what love is.  Bob Dylan has a song called “I Heard Absurd” that love is just a four-letter word.  If God is love and Jesus is God’s son, then Jesus was God enacting his love.

                  But when I hear rock-n-roll songs about love, sometimes they mean love is sex or love is the feeling you get when you have a girlfriend.  Some people write love songs because they know that love is a universal theme, and they can make money off their love songs.  What about the artist who writes love songs and at the same time is nice to your face but laughs behind your back and tries to slander your name. 

               Have you ever read C.S.Lewis’s “Four Kinds of Love?”  There is need love – a baby loves her mother because how else will it get its milk and food.  There is appreciative love where you love someone and you are amazed and thankful and full of appreciation that he or she loves you back.  There is Eros love, which is romantic love.  And there is agape love which is since I have a love of God, even though I don’t like you or your behavior or your actions, I will seek to help you regardless of my feelings

                    Terry Knight had a song called “Love, Love, and Love.”  The Beatles had a song called “All You Need Is Love.”  And then four years later they were in court suing each other