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Denny Carleton’s' Welcome To My world is a memoir of a square peg in a round hole. A Christian Catholic Pentecostal Cleveland Rock, Folk Singer Songwriter Guy who took the path less traveled and now has written most of it down.


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Also, I purchased his book, Welcome To My World on Kindle and it is totallyawesome.  For anyone who grew up in Northeastern Ohio over the past 60 years,this is a MUST read.  Baseball, music,  hippies, Christian communities, songwriting, publishing, praying and ministries. "It's in there" 


Drew Losch-Videographer Cleveland Music Historian

I recently captured an on camera interview with Denny Carleton for a mini-documentary series I am producing of Cleveland's most dedicated and durable Rock and Roll musicians that have roots dating back to the early to mid 60's who have been, and still are performing in Cleveland's current music scene.
And here he is with a wonderful book. From childhood, to the 60's with The Lost Souls AND The Choir, to Moses, the 70's, 80's, to now. Denny is one of those SPECIAL guys that has been there on the Cleveland music scene since the early 60's and has networked with the BEST of Cleveland's own. He's a warm ,intelligent and very special guy. Please have a look at this.


Maggie Campbell --My long  time friend and mentor, Denny Carleton, wrote a book!! It's a memoir about his truly incredible life (so far!)--check it out! Available in paperback and digital forms on amazon.com 

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